Tips for Employers


Many job applicants misrepresent their true status, background and experience. This is true for both upper and lower entry employees.

This define the need of a sound recruitment process. The beginning of a powerful employer – employee relationship begins with the hiring process. The value of placing your efforts and resources into the hiring process cannot be overstated.

Interview Tips for Interviewers

  • Make notes of the questions you intend to ask.
  • Decide the essential things you need to learn and prepare questions to probe them.
  • Plan the environment – privacy, no interruptions, ensure the interviewee is looked after while they wait.
  • Put the interviewee at ease – it’s stressful for them, so do not make it any worse.
  • Begin by explaining clearly and concisely the general details of the organization and the role.
  • Ask open-ended questions, Make sure the interviewee does 90% of the talking.
  • High pressure rarely exposes hidden issues – calm, relaxed, gentle, clever questions do.
  • Probe the CV/resume/application form to clarify any unclear points.
  • If possible, and particular for any position above first-line, use some form of psychometric test, or graphology, and have the results available for the interview, so you can discuss them with the interviewee.